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The 1st Pinetown Scouts set an example and inspire a community


The 1st Pinetown Scouts set an example and inspire a community

A beautiful and clean neighbourhood is more than just a pretty sight, it is a vital aspect of a thriving community. When residents take pride in their environment and keep it clean, it promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility, and encourages a positive outlook on life.

Scouts and the #LitterLess campaign   
Recently, the 1st Pinetown Scout Group showed the way by hosting a successful clean-up of the park on Dryden Road in Cowies Hill Park. With the support of Pinetown Tidy Town, Shelley Residential, and the community, the young volunteers cleaned up the park and set an example for the whole neighbourhood.

The Scouts' #LitterLess campaign is a global initiative that encourages young people to take action against litter by cleaning up public spaces in their neighbourhoods. Scouts South Africa has been promoting environmental awareness among young people since the 1960s, and the Litter Less campaign is just one of the many ways in which they are creating a culture of environmental responsibility.

What a clean park means to the community 
"We applaud the 1st Pinetown Scout Group boys and girls and their #LitterLess campaign," said Scott Allnatt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Shelley Residential. "By organising a clean-up of Cowies Hill Park, these children are showing our community, through action and not just words, that littering will no longer be tolerated. As local property and business owners in the area, we are inspired by these boys and girls and they give us hope for the future. They have set an example for the entire community and reminded us that we all have a social responsibility and duty to get involved and keep our neighbourhoods beautiful."

A clean park is more than just a green space. It's a hub of community activity, a place for families to gather, children to play, and people of all ages to enjoy the great outdoors. By having a clean and safe park, it fosters a sense of community pride where residents of all ages are provided with a safe public space for physical activity, fresh air and nature immersion.

Neighbourhood desirability and property values
The cleanliness of a neighbourhood and its public spaces not only has an environmental impact by promoting the well-being of its residents but can also have a significant impact on the desirability of the neighbourhood and its property values, by making it more attractive to potential buyers.

A well-maintained area creates a sense of safety and security as it reduces the risk of crime and vandalism. It also encourages outdoor activities such as walking and cycling - promoting a healthy physical lifestyle and good mental health, translating to a more positive outlook on life overall. Clean neighbourhoods also create a sense of pride and ownership among residents and build a strong community spirit that is attractive to potential buyers.

Pinetown's ongoing transformation
Pinetown Tidy Town has been on a mission to clean up Pinetown and restore it to its former glory since 2022. What started as a casual appeal on social media to help clean up a park has grown into a successful initiative, gaining more support through volunteers and donations from the residents and businesses, allowing them to employ dedicated cleaning staff.

"It was rewarding to partner with 1st Pinetown Scout Group in hosting this clean up and making a difference in our community, leading by example and creating a more sustainable future in a neighbourhood that brings the community together, instils pride in its residents and drives up property values - making Cowies Hill Park and Pinetown an ideal place to call home." said Zane Wellensky, co-founder of Pinetown Tidy Town.

Clean public spaces create a ripple effect, inspiring residents to take pride in their surroundings and encouraging them to take action to keep it that way. Pinetown Tidy Town's efforts have been gaining traction, with neighbouring communities looking to emulate their success. By working together, we can make our communities cleaner, safer, and more desirable places to live.

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